Purchased in 2012 by Stephanie Bledsoe, Thigh High Gardens was little more than some old barbed wire and pasture for cattle grazing.  The Farm sits on 20 acres just outside San Marcos. The location was chosen to be the best spot for our purposes: A symbiotic Farm/Brewery through a partnership with Darkside Fermentation.   Step by step we have transformed it into the farm it is today, with some serious support from our friends and family in San Marcos and beyond. 

     The idea was to create a space for our community to come together to share information, pool resources, and get hands-on experience in homesteading and permaculture/sustainable practice.  Water and Energy use being paramount, our efforts include, but are not limited to:

-Rainwater Harvesting

-Drip Irrigation

-Emphasis on Native Species/

  Drought tolerant trees/plants

-Photovoltaics (Solar Power)

THG is was the home of SMTX Permaculture, a group that met to discuss how to better implement our ideas in our community and spread awareness.  It was so successful that now many of those members have their own farms and it has evolved into the Central Texas Farmers Co-op, or CTFC.  We provide CSA baskets in San Marcos, and eventually hope to have a brick'n'mortar operation in the future to provide consistent produce and meats.  

Our Mission

Thigh High Gardens is the voice we use to continue the ongoing conversation between Man and Nature, that we may make a joyful choir from what has become a fool's arguement.  It the folcrum by which we raise our community to it's potential, while maintaining balance in the old and new.   It is the canvas that allows our thoughts to become manifest, where form and function can engage in a dance so natural and subtle, they appear indistinguishable.   It is the anvil upon which we temper and shape these ideas, working them to a point, a purpose, a singularity. In this way we strive to be effective in our community and beyond as a model of alternative living, and a proving ground for new and innovative ideas. 

As we cultivate peacefulness and understanding, the garden in our soul blooms as well, and we can hear the voices of our old teachers.  The Lone Whipporwill, The Perfume of a Huisatche Blossom.  The Dirt under our Fingernails.  The Approaching of a Storm.  And Always Coyote, that old Trickster.


The Hill

Country Fair IV

If you would like to help keep Stephanie's vision alive by financially contributing to the farm, you can make a tax deductible donation by clicking here.