Our Farm and our Farmers

Thigh High Gardens is the voice we use to continue the ongoing conversation between Man and Nature, that we may make a joyful choir from what has become a fool's arguement.  It is the folcrum by which we raise our community to it's potential, while maintaining balance in the old and new.  The project was started by Stephanie Bledsoe in April 2012, after graduating from TXState with a degree in Horticulture, and finishing her Studies in Permaculture design.  Twenty acres of land on a southwest facing hillside just outside San Marcos became the new home and proving ground for all the ideas she had been studying.  The land was untouched, saved for a few deerblinds, allowing the creation of a full intergrated bottom-to-top sustainable farm, all there was left to do was build everything.  


The other side of the coin saw a partnership with local Brewer, Silas Parker, Owner of Darkside Fermentation, in construction on 10 acres adjacent to Thigh High Gardens.  The farm and brewery are planned to work symbiotically, with the farm providing ingredients in exchange for spent grain and water for feed, irrigation and mushroom production.  Tree wizard Zach Halfin has also joined the team as Head Gardener and Designer, organizing the garden spaces, orchards, irrigation and earthworks.   Together Zach and Stephanie started SMTX Permaculture, to unite the local farmers and share ideas.  This was the beginning of a still growing community action ground plan that focuses on rehabilitating and improving farm and garden spaces at schools and in neighborhoods.


But without the help of the community, none of it would be possible.  Thigh High Gardens, above all else, is a place to learn. Currently we are learning trenching, electricity and ag exemption... but when the dust settles what will remain is a reactive and cooperative educational experience.  What we may often fail to realize is the massive effort it takes to make something from nothing, and seeing it done here on our farm has help many of us understand what has been taken for granted.  All things are interconnected, and Stephanie's vision of Thigh High Gardens is alive and strong in actions and support of our family and community.


Stephanie Alexandria Bledsoe

December 5, 1986- August 9, 2013



December 2011 graduated from Texas State

Major: Horticulture

Minor: Biology and Music


Organization: During her time at Texas State she was:

Texas State Horticulture President 2010

Member of Texas State Environmental Services Committee


Founder of SMTX Permaculture

Owner of Thigh High Gardens, San Marcos TX

Silas Parker

Tireless workhorse and manager of Thigh High Gardens, Silas oversees the operations and improvements around the farm. Pathological Brewer by trade, this yeasty character comes to us from a background of heirloom gingerbeans and mycological wormhole theory.  He hopes one day to look down from his lofty brewhouse, upon the fertile grounds of THG and exclaim "Ye, behold the farm of the future.... TODAY!"

Zach Halfin

You wanna know what?  Well he'll tell you what.  He is the T-rex of flora, the black hole of arbolic know-how.  Zach met Steph in the Horticulture dept. of TXState, where they were both all serious about plants, and the planting of plants.  His post-college work equiped him with skills in irrigation, tree-hugging, landscaping, rockbar throwing, and sustainable design.  I went canoeing with him once and it was the easiest time I ever had on a canoe trip.  So muscles. such buff.